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Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country Summer Program

Summer Training
Rolling Hills Training
Beginning Monday, June 19, we will meet at Rolling Hills for training. Most weeks, we will meet Monday through Thursday at 8:00 am. Early in the summer, the practices will last about an hour, but as athlete conditioning improves, that will increase to an hour and a half.

During the week of July 3-7, we have a “Dead Period” where coaches cannot have contact with their athletes. We suggest that you train on your own during this time.

Splitter Strength Summer Programming
Beginning the week of June 19, we also encourage you to participate in the Splitter Strength Program at the High School. We will have two designated times each week to do additional strength work. This is intended to increase joint stability and minimize injury risks. It will also have a significant positive impact on performance throughout the year.

2017 Lincoln Cross Country Information Sheets